How Webcam Models Make Money From Home

Webcam shows also called webcam modelling or simply “camming” become a real profession in recent years. Internet has made it very easy for any girl to make and sell sex services directly from their home. I must add that not only girls can do that but anyone, including guys or homosexuals. It’s because cams became such a wide niche with range of categories.

Well known writer Jamie Bartlett in his book “The Dark Net” is exploring various online stuff including a large network of websites where amateur models are producing pornography and streaming all the shows live. They upload adult videos and also do live performances on a regular basis for the audience they have in private chat room. By taking a deeper look let’s see some highlights.

Camming girl

Popular websites like Camlis and Chaturbate are perfect live sex chat examples because they have different system but are very similar from the core. Let’s take a closer look. The first one has free chat rooms allowing users to interact with model in a light way and no nudity is shown at first, but user has option to buy tokens and enter private chat show with particular model where he gets his sexual needs met. Second site offers so called “tipping” system that let’s users to see certain sex acts by sending tips to the model. All users who are participating in the chat room can do that and watch together. Top spenders get most influence to the model and are listed as favorites. That way everyone is competing for attention by sending tips. It’s a smart system.

One pretty established cam model tells that she makes more in an hour than most people earn in a week of regular work.

During one evening we witnessed one viewer sending a tip worth $400 her way. Model told us that that her best show she made money from was few months ago and she earned $1300 from that single show. She added that per year she makes around $55.000. That is a really nice number for working from home.

The whole payment system is based on tokens. You can buy them using real money and website converts them in to tokens. The same thing just vice versa applies than models decided to cash out her earnings. Websites are living from cut that they take for providing a platform and the rest of the money goes to the model.

Models have a wish lists where her fans can buy them things. Many men are tied to buying love from women and it works very well in virtual world also. They fall in love with girls and spends lots of cash to make them happy. This list can contain various things, from luxury bracelets and breast enlargement or a simply laundry machine.

The good part is that not like other sex workers who work in clubs or on the street, cam girls usually work in safe places or from home directly.

Sometimes situations occur where cam models are performing for a huge audience and get blackmailed or even have some threats thrown her way to perform sex scenes that they are not comfortable with. Usually these threats are like that. They are asked to perform or their real identity will be exposed to friends and family. Sometimes you can just jump on to trolls who try to ruin models life just for jun. Models have to be very careful with photos they publish as any detail that can help to identify them is very risky.

In conclusion we would like to say that this profession is very profitable but has risks if not managed good can become a disaster to the girl and her whole life.